MS, like any chronic condition, is telling you that there is unexamined and unreleased energy holding you back from experiencing your own inner freedom, power and health.


As a very serious chronic condition, MS requires a fundamental healing paradigm. It is essential to “go to cause”. But because symptoms can be so upsetting, painful and disabling, it’s understandable that most approaches are symptom centred. “Fighting MS, Shifting MS, Finding a cure for MS” are the rallying cries of neurologists, patients, MS charities and health organizations around the world.


This fundamental healing paradigm on the other hand is person centred, and regards symptoms as signposts pointing to cause. Like a signpost pointing to a city, the symptoms need to be read, understood and followed. No-one thinks the signpost is the city. MS is not the cause of itself.


“Undo Your MS” is a twelve month one-to one therapy programme. It’s a programme of enquiry, discovery, resolution and integration, delivered using an online platform,


As the symptoms of MS are unique to each individual, it is important to find out just how this programme could work for you, and while places are still available for this year you can book an exploratory consultation here (button) to discuss it in further detail.

In the first instance I recommend that you read my short ebook “Undo Your MS” – a must read for anyone with MS. Please click here to download it.